When doing what I call “Intuitive Tutoring”, I put on my educator's hat. I firmly believe that it is our birthright for us to all be lifelong learners and lifelong teachers. First and foremost, we need to deal with the so called formal education that society imposes on us, “the 3 R’s”. While these basics are all very necessary aspects of being fully functional in our day to day world, there is another form of education that is also vitally important. It is learning to have a value driven life that is based on developing a sympathetic nature to the environment in our urban culture and to nature itself.

I believe that education for personal success in our 21st century American Society involves not so much the need for memorization (although it is a good thing to develop one’s ability to memorize and recall certain information), but more so, to develop the ability to know where and how to access the right information as needed in this ever changing, ever challenging modern information age.

Just like in “Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs” where we must take care of our basic survival needs to be fully functional before we go on to the more refined aspects of living, I realize that if a young person has not learned their basic skills, they will be limited in their attempts to understand more advanced ways of learning. Once a student has mastered their ability to read, write and solve mathematical problems, they can then more confidently move on and learn how to use their divinely given knowingness to solve problems in their education and in their lives from a place in themselves that is more connected to their higher nature.

My belief is that all people have the potential, as shown in the pyramid below, of learning to raise themselves up into a place of Self Actualization. As long as we are patient with ourselves and have a desire to do whatever it takes to grow up, so to speak, the tools are all there to be utilized for our development as a productive, responsible, individual that contributes to the well being of society. My job as a tutor is to be both a teacher and a motivational learning coach that takes a stand for the possibility of raising a young person to their highest potential.

In interpretation of Maslow's hierarchy of needs, represented as a pyramid with the more basic needs at the bottom.[1]'s_hierarchy_of_needs